How to Make and Cancel an Appointment


Book face-to-face or remote appointments with your GP, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you.

Your details and information are protected by the highest standards of online security, so all you need to worry about is what to do with the spare time you’ve earnt.



Problems booking online appointments?

Use the Patient Access Support Centre before you call us.



You can book a routine appointment to see a doctor from 2-14 days in advance. Please try and allow sufficient time when booking routine appointments, as it is better to see the same doctor regularly if you can.

If you feel your problem cannot wait this long you will need to discuss why with a doctor. The receptionist will take a telephone number and the doctor will contact you within 1-2 hours. Once the doctor has spoken to you they will advise you on when you should be seen if appropriate.

Please note this surgery does NOT offer a walk in service. 


What should you do if you want to be seen urgently?

Contact the surgery by telephone and explain that you would like to speak to a doctor that day.

If you do not feel it can wait you will need to explain why to the receptionist. You will also need to have a telephone number we can contact you on.

Please avoid coming down to the surgery unless you have an appointment. It is better to contact us by phone.


Patient Partner

You can now book, cancel and check your own appointments any time night and day! You will need to provide your date of birth and telephone number to access this service. Please ensure your telephone number is up to date with the surgery.


Online via Patient Access

Registered patients (except aged 11 – 16 years*) may book appointments online to see a doctor via Patient Access. To use this service, you must register in person in the practice to obtain a Pin. If you wish to prepare the form in advance click here. Print the form which you can complete and bring into surgery. Your Pin will be prepared for collection by you personally with photo ID within two working days of your request and will allow you to use our confidential booking system. If you have already collected your Pin or have used this system with our practice before, please register or log in here.

Please note that same-day appointments, appointments for special clinics (e.g. diabetic clinic, baby clinic) and appointments with our nurses and other healthcare workers are reserved for patients to book in person or by telephone. It is also important to note that some appointments will require a double appointment – call reception to check if you are unsure. If you are unable to make an appointment online, please call or drop in to check if there are any alternative appointments. A guide to our internet services is available for collection from reception.

*To protect patient confidentiality Patient Access is not available to patients aged 11 – 16 years. On reaching age 11 years patients registered for Patient Access will have their Patient Access account cancelled.  They can re-apply in person with photo ID at age 16 years. 


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