Ear Wax Removal

At Brondesbury Medical Centre, we do not offer ear wax removal services. However, our clinicians can examine your ears to confirm if a plug of earwax has formed.

Natural Ear Wax Removal

Your ears are designed to naturally expel earwax. However, some individuals may experience a hard build-up that can cause symptoms such as hearing loss, discomfort, tinnitus, dizziness, or dulled hearing.

Self-Treatment for Ear Wax Build-Up

When to See a Clinician

You should see a clinician if:

  • Your symptoms persist for more than 4 days
  • Your ear is completely blocked and you cannot hear anything
  • You experience severe pain, discharge, or itching
  • You are concerned or worried about your symptoms

In some cases, a referral for specialist treatment, such as microsuction, may be considered. Please note that routine referrals often require a trial of one month of treatment before they are accepted, and there may be a waiting list for specialist services.

Local Private Providers

To avoid waiting times, here are a few suggested, but not endorsed, treatment centres:

  • Zone1Hearing
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • North London Hearing
  • Microsuction Clinic Locations